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Dr. Ridwan Lawal

Dr. Ridwan Lawal
Started on Nov 2018
Lagos University Teaching Hospital Idi Araba,

Wants ₦1,000,000

I want to raise funds to procure a Cedex XS, Cell counting device. In Cancer Pharmacology, we carry out a lot of tests on cancer cells found in mice. Over 100 Undergraduate/Postgraduate students will be trained in the art of using it.

Sponsorships Received
₦18,025 Idris Bello 4 months ago
₦54,075 IDRIS BADRU 4 months ago
₦2,000 OGUNDEPO ADEKUNLE 4 months ago
₦5,000 AUDU FARIDAT ARINOLA 4 months ago
₦40,000 MOSHOOD ABDULKADIR 4 months ago
₦25,000 Alhaji Aderemi 4 months ago
₦10,000 TAIWO ADEYEYE OJOBO 3 months ago

In the department of Biochemistry, We need to carry out studies in Cancer Pharmacology which involves drug testing on cancer cells in mice. To do this effectively we need a Cedex XS, Cell Counting Machine. Over 100 Undergraduate and Postgraduate students will be trained in the art of using this equipment.  I want to raise funds to procure the Cedex XS machine for my Lab.

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