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Elovile secondary school, Osun

My father is a carpenter and my mum is a trader we are barely managing financially. My parents and I...

100% funded    ₦13,998.22 raised
University of Ibadan, Oyo

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Atop base Academy, Lagos

We need this fund for the support of our school permanent site, that is under construction. This fun...

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king george memorial schools, Lagos

I need this fund because my parents are not able to pay my school fees because of their low income,...

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Elovile secondary school, Ogun

My parents have always been struggling to pay my school fees due to the economic crisis and their lo...

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We need the money to buy ICT and STEM Equipment like Laptops Computers to aid learning and facilitat...

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Triple Treasure College, Imo

My Parents are finding it difficult to meet up with paying my School fee because my father is out of...

100% funded    ₦17,999.77 raised
Treasure Trend School, Ogun

It has not been easy for me since my primary school days because my mother is the only one supportin...

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