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Political shift in the US: Policies, Actions, and the Impact on Prospective African Students

Source: Bola Lawal, Cofounder and CEO, ScholarX Inc. Twitter: @bwlofhouston, IG: @chelseabwl

The results of the November 2016 US elections came as a huge surprise to so many across the globe. Especially in Africa; where the Democrats are typically seen in a much more favorable light. Ironically, some argue that in recent years; Republican governments have done more for Africa, in terms of g...

Quick Thoughts on Nursing in US and Canada!

Source: ScholarX Staff

Quick Thoughts on Nursing in US and Canada! The demand for nurses in the USA and Canada exceeds the supply and therefore, an employment opportunity in the two countries is almost a guarantee. Canada is even more desirable due to their lax immigration laws that fa...