6 Resolutions for the New Year

Source: ScholarX Staff www.scholarx.co

2017 is here! The beginning of each New Year is a time of excitement where you see the opportunity to set and achieve new personal goals. As you begin making your New Year’s resolutions, don’t forget about SCHOLARSHIPS. Maybe last year you didn’t win the big scholarship you were really hoping for. Maybe you didn’t apply to as many as you would have liked. This year, vow to get scholarship savvy.  Here are a few resolutions that will help you ring in the scholarship wins this time around:

1. Search early.

Procrastinating limits your options. Aim to begin your college scholarship search as early as possible. Doing so will allow you to find the most scholarships and spend time preparing great applications. Start by looking at your scholarship matches on ScholarX (link register page)

2. Go local.

Apply for more local scholarships. Many students focus on applying to international scholarships, unaware of the fact that a wide range of scholarships exist just for students in their state or LGA. Local scholarships have less competition, so you’re more likely to have a better chance of winning an award.  Even though local scholarships are typically award less money than international scholarships, multiple awards can add up to create a substantial dent in tuition and living expenses. 

3. Strategize & organize.

Scholarship applications can be overwhelming, so map out a game plan. Create tangible goals and set a certain number of scholarships you would like to apply for. Manage your list of scholarships by organizing each by deadline and give priority to ones that require more work such as essays and special projects.

4. Make the most of your resources.

Make more of an effort to reach out to resources such as your guidance office, career center, or rather, you can contact the expert team at info@scholarx.co to assist you

5. Keep your grades up.

Even though many scholarships do not have CGPA requirements, doing well academically will only increase your chances of winning. You never know what scholarship opportunities there might be in the future. A higher CGPA may mean that you qualify for even more scholarships next year.

6. Take on a new activity.

Grades won’t do it alone. A great way to stand out on your scholarship application is to become involved activities at school and in the community. Look for organizations and clubs that align with your interests or career goals. If you were actively involved in an organization last year, show your growth by taking on a leadership role.

These and any other New Year’s resolutions may be hard to keep up, but stay committed and you’ll inevitably find success!