Quick Thoughts on Nursing in US and Canada!

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Quick Thoughts on Nursing in US and Canada!

The demand for nurses in the USA and Canada exceeds the supply and therefore, an employment opportunity in the two countries is almost a guarantee. Canada is even more desirable due to their lax immigration laws that favors international students. The only fear that a student nurse might have is that of being able to satisfy the board of examiners in clinical skills. As one among the oldest professions in the world, nursing entails interacting with people from all walks of life. The volumes of information that need to be mastered in a few years (usually four) are overwhelming. 

Nursing entails both art and science in the sense that an individual is equipped with scientific facts to be used practically in serving people. The first few years in nursing school focus on teaching the basic sciences like chemistry, biochemistry, and physiology to give a strong foundation for understanding the human body. In the final years, more complex courses like pharmacology are studied so that a nurse can learn how drugs act in the body to treat or alleviate symptoms. 

The most important lessons that nurses get in school are those that come from their hospital experiences. In the hospital rotations, a student gets to experience how it is to be the one who nurses the patient until they can go home feeling better. Nursing diagnoses are illustrated and the student is ushered into independent judicious decision making for the sake of the patient and other health-care personnel. 

The joy of serving the interests of the general population keeps a student moving especially in trying moments like those when one is being examined. In short, one needs to be tough and courageous in the nursing school to make the stay interesting.