What they didn’t tell me about studying in the UK

Source: Benjamin Dada @dadaben_

My wonderful coursemates (Information Technology Management and Organisational Change)

Congrats on your admission to study in the UK.

Like, every other normal student, I was excited about studying in a foreign country, really, it didn’t matter the course.

What mattered to me the most was the exposure and perhaps, extra love from recruiters. But, guess what? One of the most important piece about studying in the UK, is the autonomy. Gosh! You cooked your own food, decided what events to take part in, missed a couple of worthwhile events (simply because there is no world wide PA system). Like, when you start out, you are pretty much on your own! You and God! Worse off, you resume late…fam, just defer your admission (OK, that’s a bit too far yeah, but then you would legit spend quality time settling down…you would have missed the Welcome Week ;( ).

One thing many UK universities boast of is the diversity in the community. That is part of the EXPOSURE I am talking about. Knowing that not everyone is straight outta BSc gives you an idea of the possible kind of Knowledge/Experience gap. Also, the different cultures and all. Then, the need for acceptance steps in…the first question my biological Nigerian Mother asked me was “How was the reception?”, “Where your peers happy to see you?” and I think that’s OK, it is part of our basic human needs, ask Abraham Maslow, he can tell you more.

You know, on getting to the UK, I thought they would be sharing money at the Airport, or somewhere in school, because, everyone goes like “Buy me Messi’s Barca Jersey when coming back…”, “Buy something for me oh…” and now that I am here, “I’m like, gosh life must really be hard” (as I barely eat a meal each day).

I had expected turn-ups and regular chilling, mehn, I have classes DAILY!!! Oh yeah, I am doing only about 5 courses considering my Nigerian background of about 10. But then, I am doing an MSc…what were you expecting?! Let it be on record that I attend classes daily and some of them last 3hours!, Like whoa, what a woow!

Also, I thought I would easily get a bird to always flock around with me, but then, turns out everyone came here with different events. But, then, what can a man do without a friend. Here, you have to chart your own course! No follow-follow, which reminds one that he is the architect of her own life.

My first class — about 24 Students only

There still is that over-sabi student, that one that asks about 5 questions in every class, I thought all that ended in Nigeria. But then you are reminded that many of them came here on Academic Scholarship and yeah, they have to make the best use of their money, perhaps. I thought everyone was going to be laid-back and chilling.

I have been scammed by the movies and exaggerations of people who had never been to the UK to study.

Oh!, did I tell you about the cold and the “normal” cigarette smoking?, what about the dress sense?

Ouch!, maybe I am going ahead of myself, as it is only my 2nd day! LOL…bet you thought I have been here since like forever (please don’t say no, lol)

TWIST: Surprisingly, people can be a lot friendlier that you’d expect.

My Nigerian Uncle brought me the Jersey he had wanted to give me when he arrived Nigeria…see how God works! (I am here! *in tears*)

Got to go for my Departments Movie Night, starts at 18:00! 

Please, did you enjoy the read?

Got a Manchester United Jersey…no, they didn’t gift me (picture at the end)

Editors Note:Remember, that post about me being scared after graduating from college? This can be seen as a sequel to it.