Top 5 European countries that offer low/free tuition University Education for International Students

Source: ScholarX Staff

Top 5 European countries that offer low/free tuition University Education for International Students

Every student who is ambitious and willing to have good education dreams some time or the other of studying in Europe; it’s because standard of education is very high in Europe and the environment is just amazing. However, the other side of this is that cost of living and education in European countries is also very high and it’s not the cup of tea for anyone to study here. But there is a solution – scholarships. These are provided by European universities and educational organizations and with them you can pay a part or full of your education. But still there is a problem – they are very limited and of course, the most sought after. So, what if you don’t get one of them?

There is still a ray of hope – and quite a big one – they are tuition-free universities! Unbelievable, right? But some countries in Europe have such universities that don’t charge any tuition fee for international students too. Here is some information which may be life-saving for you.

1. Austria

Austrian universities do charge tuition fees but they are very less as compared to that in other European countries. If you are from another country or from outside Europe, public/federal universities in the country charge only around 363.36 to 726.72 Euros of tuition fees per semester, in addition to 17.50 Euros as the membership fee of Student Union and 0.50 Euros as insurance cost per semester. And if you belong to a least developed country, you may even be exempted from the fees at Austrian public universities and only must pay the insurance cost and membership fee of Student Union. However, you must pay for your everyday living cost yourself which is roughly 800 Euros per month and includes food, accommodation and other personal expenses.

2. Germany

Effective from October 2014, all German universities have stopped charging tuition fees to undergraduate level students, whether national or international. Universities in some Federal States, however, charge administration fees (around 50 Euros) and a semester contribution (around 50 Euros).

However, all Masters or Doctorate courses are fee-based. The fee includes enrollment as well as confirmation fees.

As the cost of living, students have to spend anywhere from 500 to 800 Euros for food, accommodation, transportation and other expenses.

3. Finland

No tuition fees are charged in Finland, regardless of your level of education and nationality. However, you will have to arrange for some funds because you will have to bear the rest of your living cost on your own.

Scholarships, however, are available only for doctoral level of studies.

4. Sweden

Sweden is famous for high level of education for many years. However, it is not a truly tuition-free country; but many Swedish universities offer many partial or total scholarships or tuition-free programs for international students. Otherwise, students not belonging to Switzerland or an EU/EEA/Nordic country are charged tuition fees in Sweden for Bachelor’s and Master’s programs; however, Doctorate programs are tuition-free. Students also have to pay other fees which include student union fee of 50-350 SEK per semester.

5. Norway

You can get free college education in another beautiful European country Norway. All Norwegian universities and colleges don’t charge any tuition fees to any student, whether national or international, for any level of education including undergraduate, Master’s and Doctorate programs. Keep in mind, however, that for some specialized programs (mostly Masters level), some universities and colleges charge tuition fees. You will also have to pay NOK 300-600 as a semester fee per semester.

Another thing to consider is the cost of living in this country, which is quite higher than that in other European countries – on an average NOK 90,000 to 100,000 per year!