Change that re-defines us: The ScholarX Revolution.

Source: Dare Dairo – CEO Penkraft Solutionst

Mark Zuckerberg’s visit to Lagos is creating quite a stir, and rightly so. This is perhaps the biggest endorsement to the Nigerian tech industry and its sister sector; the social media. Unfortunately, it is disheartening that Nigerian governments have continued to see this viable sector as an irritant and a blot on their private fiefdom.  Yet, the social media alone is ushering in a whole new era in the way we do things – from the simple and mundane to the profound and sacred. Technology is changing us.

In all my life, I never had any form of scholarship from government or any source. That probably explains why I have not been too excited about any prospect of going cap-in-hand again to fund any further acquisition of certificates after having struggled to get a first degree. But I remember that back in school, a lot of my friends were getting scholarships. But when you try to inquire from them how they made it, they form an air of mystery about the whole thing that makes you think it takes an initiate to access the world of scholarships. It is only in muted conversations that you later get to know that a certain cousin, friend of neighbor traveled on a scholarship.

This probably explains my fascination when my good friend Idris Bello introduced Bola Lawal to me through a series of email conversations that eventually got the ScholarX team on my show on Eko fm. I was particularly impressed when I did my background check on their mobile App. When a mobile app gets a special recognition among fellow start-ups in a hostile business environment like Nigeria in less than six months of operations, you know that there is something fundamentally good about it, especially when the guys are not connected to any politician or people in power.

The most striking feature of the App to me is its user-friendly interface.  And you get tailored results that you can start to process immediately. I never knew that there are as many as over three hundred and fifty scholarships in Nigeria alone for students studying in Nigerian Universities. And all of these plus millions of scholarship for Nigerians from Canada, UK, US, Europe and Asia are available and accessible on the ScholarX App. Interestingly, they also have a number of exclusive scholarships that you can only find on ScholarX. I find this rather interesting because it means that more Nigerians and corporate organizations now have a safe, open and objective process through which they can give back to society through indigent and other forms of scholarship.

I would like to recommend this app to every Nigerian student or prospecting student like me. Money is no longer an excuse. Now, at the click of a few buttons you can access a world of opportunities to study anywhere in the world.  They also provide value-added services backed by world-class professionals to assist you through the application process.

For me, I am even more excited by the prospects of a new category on the App for persons with disabilities in Nigeria. Now persons with disabilities in Nigeria can replicate what they have always achieved at the Paralympics where we fail at the Olympics. It is no longer a secret affair. Anyone can access scholarships and study abroad with ease. Just download the ScholarX App and click your way to world-class education for the new age

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Written by Dare Dairo – CEO Penkraft Solutionsthat re-defines us: the ScholarX revolution.